People who use Windows 10 often choose to install and use the Google Chrome browser. This is due to the ease at which they are able to browse the internet through different pages. However, there are instances when you may be faced with installing the free Google Chrome application on your Windows 10 operating system. If you require help with installation you can choose to call the Google chrome support number that is listed for technical support. Any technical support agent who picks up your call can easily help you fix the issues and have the Google chrome successfully installed on your computer.

Fixing common Google chrome issues

Sometimes, people choose to fix issues without taking help from the Google chrome support number. Here we list a few issues and how they can be fixed without taking technical assistance from Google. These DIY methods are certainly successful if you wish to spend some time fixing these issues.

  • Google chrome does not open after installation: Sometimes people not able to open their Google chrome browser after installing it successfully on their computer. To be able to overcome this you can choose to restart your system in safe mode. Once in safe mode, you can choose to have to go to the start menu and have the cache and cookies removed. You may alternatively turn off hardware acceleration and that would help fix the issue.
  • Network Error: Upon trying to open a website you may get this error where you are not able to browse through any website. To overcome this, you would have to ensure that the network settings on Google chrome are correctly configured.
  • Chrome does not open upon clicking a link: While you are clicking a link on any application and if it does not open on Google chrome you would have to set the browser settings in this application. By setting chrome as your default browser you would be able to overcome this issue.
  • Not Responding: Google chrome may fail to respond and show up an error message. This may happen due to you’re the browser not being installed properly. You can choose to uninstall and reinstall the browser to have this issue fixed.

Even after following these fixes and you have issues with your Google Chrome browser then you might require technical help. Calling the Google chrome support number or getting help from a local technician can help you fix issues with the browser. They can also ensure that your browser is configured properly to work with your Windows 10 operating system.

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